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Meet Theresa J Morris Organization as the Private Club of TJ Morris

TJ Morris ACO and TJ Morris ET and ACE Folklife and ACE Nonprofit Inc with ACE Universal Life Community guidelines

The rules we’ll shake hands on – General stuff you need to know

These guidelines are designed to ensure the TJ Morris ACO – Planet Information ET Work community is an enjoyable, inspiring and safe one for all our users. They boil down to common sense, basic courtesy and respect (for your hosts and the rest of the community).

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Theresa J Morris shares her work and her world as, and

Theresa J Morris is an agent, consultant, organizer as ACO.

Theresa J Morris has built upon a good reputation as an investigator, researcher, and investigative reporter who began her own magazines and websites.

Theresa J Morris is the author of “HOW TO SOCIAL NETWORK METAPHYSICS” and many other books available on or

Theresa is a well-known agent, author, speaker, radio show host, and social networker.

If you don’t agree with them, we won’t take it personally, and nor should you when we suggest http://tjmorrisaco.com, or other of our websites owned by TJ Morris tm ACIR sm, TJ Morris Publishing, or  might not be for you.


When we say TJ Morris we, we mean ACO, and the Theresa J Morris Organization, ACE Folklife Organization, and ACO Corp as our ACO Press Club.

When we say community we mean all of the places on the planet in cyberspace connected to TJ Morris ACO where users hang out and can contribute.

We may update these guidelines and recommend you check back once in a while. We’ll also continue to introduce new community features which will fall under these guidelines.

Important things to remember:

Certain areas within our TJ Morris ACO Club may have their own guidelines posted (such as the forums and affiliate branches such as – which was a name given to Janet Lessin by Theresa J Morris).

Theresa J Morris owns Ascension Center Organization and ACE Nonprofit doing business as and with ACE Folklife. Theresa aka TJ Morris has now become a credential minister of the universal life church for purposes of sharing a book and music ministry with others online including the TJ Morris ET Radio, and

Theresa J Morris has the TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club for Social Media and Broadcast Media.

 Please read these guidelines carefully and respect them.

You are permitted to create multiple accounts but they must have separate email addresses associated with them.

TJ Morris ACO reserves the right to discipline and terminate multiple accounts from the same user if the user has infringed our Terms of use or the spirit of these guidelines via any one of their accounts.

You are responsible for your interactions with other users. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other users.

These guidelines apply to all content you contribute as part of the TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club community, including your profile.

Member posted content on our websites reflects the opinions and experience of those users and not of Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris and ACO.

Community dos and don’ts


Be sincere in your contributions. Post with purpose – to inspire, enable or share with fellow travelers.

Respect that other people have different points of view, travel journeys, styles, budgets and confidence levels. Don’t take things personally and get to the ‘mock’ stage.

Welcome newcomers. We love it when another person catches the surf and travel bug.

Your homework: Some travel questions are very common. Look around on the web, and on our many associated websites of Theresa J Morris Organization and Associate Guides as TJ Morris ACO or Ascension Center Org or ACE Folklife Org to see if they’re already been answered.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search. It can be frustrating for our members if they have to answer the same question repeatedly.

Be specific: When posting a recommendation, or a question, the more context and specificity you can give the better for everyone. We can’t read your mind and we don’t want to misunderstand your motives.

Give feedback, to your fellow ACO and ACE Metaphysical Institute travelers, and us, in a helpful and constructive manner.

Lead by example Use the report abuse function to alert us to problem content or members.

Look for the best place to do your thing.

 If you’re posting on our TJ Morris or TJ Morris for the first time look around to make sure you’re in the right branch to get your question answered.

Keep it legal. Don’t get yourself into trouble by defaming others, posting porn, ticket scalping, plotting illegal activities, or posting other people’s private information.

Use Common Sense and balance when seeking advice. Make your own inquiries, especially around subjects like health and safety.

Be safe and smart when arranging rides, homestays and travel companions.

We’d hate to hear of anything bad happening when people meet up, but we can’t be responsible for the actions of each person in the community.


Create content of a discriminatory or derogatory nature.

We welcome rich debates as wonderful, if you can do it without being offensive, humiliating or intimidating based on:

Race, color, ethnicity, nationality or physical characteristics

Gender or sexual orientation

Religion or non-religious viewpoints (i.e. secular humanism, atheism)

Political opinion

Socio-economic status


Physical, mental or intellectual disability/impairment

The ways people express themselves (this is a global travel community, with different written cultures)

Create content which would be reasonably classified as exclusively ‘adult’ and restricted accordingly (such as pornography or graphic violence).

Defame, harass, flame or hold grudges. You’ll surf and ravel lighter without the chip on your shoulder.

Post personal details or private information about any other person (or anything contrary to our Privacy policy).

Impersonate another person, including Theresa or our volunteer staff of writers, event volunteers or authors.

Advertise or spam, or use the forum to promote a business, product or website, commercial l​or otherwise.​

We don’t mind if you include links to your travel blogs or websites in your messages, provided it’s relevant and contextual​information​n,

However, commercial​solicitation​on, straight up advertising, or contribute​ons designed to promote traffic to another site aren’t acceptable.

 We do not permit business accounts on any of our websites, ezines, blogs or any sort of advertising in profiles, avatars and signatures, as community areas are preserved for individual​  interested parties and club members only as travelers. Adding value to conversation​ons is the best way to build an audience for your expertise.​

Conduct formal research without telling people.

TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club is open to cooperation with professional researchers, but you need to contact us with details about your needs and interests.

 Studying our community members without their – and our – permission is not cool.

Don’t post external surveys or links to surveys on Theresa J Morris owned websites including the ACE Nonprofit or TJ Morris

We are happy for you to use any information that is already available on our forum provided you contact us first, but as Theresa J Morris Organization is an unincorporated association for members only space is designed for our individual members who do research and marketing with TJ Morris ACO as a company as in Business 2 Business feeds and for public service announcements by our members only!

Be – or – feed a Troll.

Trolls post messages or content deliberately designed to get the blood boiling. Replying to or arguing with a Troll is feeding. The best pest-control is to ignore, and use report abuse to alert us to them.

DO NOT Use excessively coarse language. Humans swear. But go easy on the sailor speak or we’ll have to tone you down. Remember, even if it’s not offensive to you, it might be to other people.

Discuss how to commit illegal activity (like buying drugs, avoiding visa restrictions, ticket scalping). It’s OK to talk about the existence of these things, but don’t advise how and where to do them.

Be a know-it-all.  Having a membership and a full passport doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply to you. Show off your insights, not your attitude.

Don’t hide behind handles.

We respect the right of travelers to be anonymous, which may lead some people to say things they wouldn’t face to face. Don’t be one of those people. If you’re tempted, remember, we can see who you are, even if other members can’t. So with our TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club of blogs, ezines, and websites our members can’t hide even with a nickname or handle. We know our Avatars.


Travelers – We let you add your own review to all the points of interest we list around the website. We do not permit businesses to create fake reviews and will not allow them to rebut or contact travelers. For fellow travelers to get maximum benefit, remember to make your review constructive, balanced and full of as much context as possible.


Businesses – Travelers might review you on our website, on the ezines we own such as American News Magazine, Anew News Guide, Social Paranormal Magazine or Planet Information ET Work or World Information Network.US, Theresa J,, or elsewhere.

We ask that you embrace the good with the bad, as not everyone will have the experience you plan or hope for. Please don’t try and reply to a traveler review on our website.

Resolve issues on your own time, through your own channels. If you think a review constitutes defamation, please use our report abuse function and it will be brought to the attention of our moderation team. Defamation is strictly prohibited by our terms.

Reporting abuse

All over our website you’ll see ‘Report Abuse’ buttons that let you notify us of stuff that breaches the rules. This helps you look after the community too. We do ask that you log in to report things – we think it’s the best way to avoid abuse of the abuse function.

Contacting Us

You can send Private Messages to the Community Manager and moderators once you have a membership – just look for the most up to date team contact information in the right hand column of the website you desire to participate in with our members.

You can email: with feedback, questions or issues and for all other queries you should use our Contact us form.

Our Blog Talk Team Members on our TJ Morris ET Radio read every single piece of correspondence specially addressing their own show topics and will do their best to help you out, and get your feedback to the right people.

Read more:, and

Thank you for your membership,

Theresa J Morris

TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club

260 Carolyn Lane, Beaver Dam, KY 42320-9769

(270) 274-6707 or 270-256-6292

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