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TJ Morris ACIR ACO Social Service Club for Change & Truth

TJ Morris
Social Service Club
for Change & Truth

ACE dba ACE Nonprofit Inc

ACE dba
ACE Nonprofit Inc

Membership Types

Tarot Readings can serve as a guide as a direction when everything seems chaotic and ambiguous.
As a fellow human sentient intelligent being we are prone to mistakes.
Our ability to read and interpret the Tarot cards by our Ascension Masters offers a path on our spiritual journeys.
Anyone who approaches a reading should come with an open mind and zero expectations.
Not expecting to believe in what we do but a receptive approach is more productive for the client as well as the reader.
We do not require any background details or personal information since we do blind readings on work, profession, relationships, finances, etc. (Life love, abundance, fame, fortune is possible in future fate readings.)
We share in life maps with our clients how to map life’s spiritual journey while in this present body-mind-spirit experiencing the birth-life-death experience.
Replies are sent to the clients/customers in the form of a voice file.
Voice files/audio recordings are not saved indefinitely after they are responded to.
No archive records are maintained or stored for reference or any other purpose.
This is to ensure client safety, privacy and also due to unavailable and inadequate storage space.
The services offered on our web sites comprise of paid readings only.
Please note, the charges/consultation fees are not refundable.
For information about payment of consultation fees and
charges, so as to avail the consultation service, please visit:
Our Associate Guide Members Websites who pay to be members in our Social Service Club from around the world $60.00 membership fee plus, other rates.


TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club

Private Membership Club – Membership Driven – Family Mediators – Personal Consultants

We share the ACO dba Ascension Center Organization and – Ascension Care Education as ACE Nonprofit Inc Association.

We are in the personal and business helping professions support of body~mind~spirit sharing the Birth~life~death experiences together.  

Members Family Mediation- Personal Assessments for our Clients~ Caregiver Support Club

Caregivers – Housekeepers –

Run errands- Weekly housekeeping – Daily reminders

We offer our services as needed or required on daily, weekly or bi-monthly check-ups on scheduled visits depending on the circumstances.

Family Financial Consultants – Bookkeepers – Girl Friday- Secretarial Service – Authors Ghost Writing Editing Services

Social Service Club – Health & Happiness as a goal for our members. TJ Morris ACO is membership driven with professional personal consultants.

We have several programs to discuss with our clients to whom we provide Life Coaches and Personal Consultants


  • We match up a Life Coach or Personal Consultant to oversee the needs such as personal affairs,
  • Family ties to personal and professional health care facilities interested in the individual body-mind-spirit having the birth –life-death process.
  • We address body-mind-spirit in search of assistance.
  • ACO Social Service Club offers assessment of desired helping professions including behavioral care
  • Individual or the entire family household with our Mediators will offer information support.
  • We offer weekly visits, biweekly, or monthly checkups to assure that all member’s spiritual growth is maintained.

All persons are considered without regard to race, sex, creed, national origin, age, or disability in rendering of services and employment. For more information about this policy please contact us at TJ Morris ACO or call (270) 274-6707.



Who We Are:

We are a group of personal consultants with dedicated professionals who believe in providing trustworthy, quality, compassionate, and nurturing care to enhance the quality of life for those we serve while preserving their individual freedom and rights.

We work hard to provide service as a social service club to our members who are in need of personal consultants with the highest quality of life coaches, housekeepers, caregivers, certified nursing assistants (CAN’s) or private duty nurses.

We do background checks of the skilled, and compassionate caregivers, housekeepers.

 We want your time and energy to equal that of what you and your family requires of our club’s members who are trained caregivers and housekeepers.

We provide personal training by our Family Personal Consultants who offer training one on one to all our qualified caregivers and housekeepers.

We also manage family bookkeeping expenses which we can share with our certified public accountant if needed.  We set up assured confidential family resident reports on all our clients and keep the financial records of what is spent for a minimum of three (3) years for our clients as members.

We recognize the need in our own families to be that which has been to be involved with our seniors and elders care to equal that we would provide for our own families.

Selecting that special caregiver will not only provide a pleasant environment for your loved one but will create a special bond that develops when the right person is selected. This will truly enhance the life of the individual being cared for as well as easing the stress of the family members surrounding them. The right individual will not only communicate well with your loved one but also meet your highest expectations by keeping you informed of any changes that may occur.

We maintain a number of staff members to be able to provide an alternate caregiver should any emergency arise.

Our staff is highly supervised with regular visits by a Registered Nurse. These supervisors are dedicated to keeping the family informed and providing the highest quality of care for your special family member.

The selection process we have designed makes it simple and easy for you.

We understand how stressful it can be selecting that special person to care for those you deeply love and care about.

We can’t replace the family members but we can work with families to reduce the stress of locating a new caregiver and home care specialist.

We do the work to reduce the stress of the process for you and your loved ones in a caring family.

We allow others who are able to enjoy and improve the quality of time spent with loved ones to have quality time while visiting with family and loved ones.

Some families prefer a full time care giver to assist another who may be independent or needs some assisted living supervision.

We share in family concerns about how to best facilitate in the mediation process of who will be best for your loved one while in the twilight years of life

We know that loved ones and family want what is best for the elderly and those who desire to see their loved ones participate in an independent or assisted living health care facility.

When the stress of knowing that a loved one is cared for on a daily basis and for some during the night time, we know that you are able to spend better quality time with your loved one during your visits.

 We also offer home-style Assisted Living Facilities when asked to present a list.

Most all our known facilities on our list have contacts who are designed to allow our clients to enjoy locating their own full time CNA nursing assistance, or assisted living specialist (ALS) while living a in a small group or home setting.

Our Hiring Process for Quality Caregiver


These are some of the lengthy steps we take to provide a

safe, happy, healthy, skillful environment.

  • Screen and test for the highest quality skills
  • Reference checks for confirmation of skills, respect, compassion and reliability
  • Communication skills both verbal and written
  • Extensive Criminal Background Checks
  • License confirmation with Virginia Board of Nursing
  • Only when each candidate has met our highest standards do we place them on assignment.

How We Select a Caregiver Just For You


  1. 1.  We will provide you with a free consultation in your home or location of choice to gain information so we are able to select that special caregiver that will best match your unique requirements.
  2. 2.  These are some of the topics we discuss with you about your loved one regarding the services you desire to enhance their quality of life which the main appointed person to represent the client can share in the interview such as personal needs of the families loved one.

Nursing care requirements:


  1. 1.  Daily Routine- reading, tv, social club,
  2. 2.  Transportation Needs to and fro physicians care or therapy
  3. 3.  Types of homemaker assistance- dusting, vacuuming, bed making, clothes washing,
  4. 4.  Personality types that best work with your family – non-smokers, cultural differences
  5. 5.  Dietary preference and physicians dietary requirements
  6. 6.  If cooking meals is needed on a daily basis
  7. 7.  Daily exercise – walks – trips to wellness centers


  • Once we have gathered this information we then research our staff members to determine which candidates are best qualified to match your family with that specific quality of care.
  • If time permits, we will set up a free interview for you to meet the caregiver prior to the beginning of the assignment.
  • This process is not overwhelming and can be established rapidly if an emergency placement is required.

We are the family mediators for support in care giving and helping hands where appropriate with members for our members for morale with dignity of self-worth sharing our loving support as Lightworkers and Truthseekers.

We recognize the needs of others to assure our seniors with the care and support one may need as twilight years are approaching.

  1. 1.  Return all phone calls within 8 hours on a 7 day a week schedule for our client’s families.
  2. 2.  Provide a family personal consultant as a resource within 24 hours of being engaged after membership.
  3. 3.  We provide travel accommodations when required.

Please call if we can be a friend and of support. We are the TJ Morris ACO Social Service Club.

Theresa J Morris Owner at (270) 270-274-6707

We are presently setting up franchises around the world in our global community of kindred spirits in our Ascension Center Organization.

We offer training online with our various degrees of how we share our Ascension Center Education and what is shared as Lightworkers and Truthseekers.

Our members learn a wonderful way to share in love and light of our Ascension Age.

Ascension is about raising the spirit. We are a spiritual community offering human loving care and support

“They will be grateful that you call.” TJ Morris dba ACIR




Tarot Card readings are for entertainment purpose only and one should be above 18 years of age; with a sound mind.
Internet email is not a 100% secure medium of communication and you should be aware of this when emailing us.
Also, please include all previous correspondence in your reply.

Messages are not saved indefinitely after they are responded to.
If anyone receives a spam/marketing/hoax e-mail from OUR
E-mail addresses or with any e-mail where the sender’s name is mentioned as our name please ignore the same.
If there is any web portal/service or business; which we wish to endorse/support or propagate we will list it on our websites and let all the visitors know about the same.
For our electronic mail as a mode of communication is sacred and sacrosanct.
We do not wish to misuse it via unwanted e-mails; which only get accumulated in spam or trash folders.
Unfortunately it is not within our reach to stop others from indulging in nuisances using our names.
Hence, please ignore such e-mails and do not reply to them.

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